The Lesson of Covid-19


EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A PURPOSE. Events like Corona Virus are not haphazard. They are meant to occur. Why? By experiencing the negative hardships of life, we learn to overcome our old nature and grow in awareness towards becoming truly loving, compassionate human beings.

Instead of saying ‘Why is this pandemic causing so much sickness, pain and death? Say, ‘What do I need to learn from this event? What do we all need to learn from this that will allow mankind to change for the better?

We are all together in this School of Life and each one of us is blessed with the gift of free will. The Corona Virus Pandemic allows us an unanticipated and unparalleled chance to click the reset button.

This is not to downplay the tragedy of what is now occurring, it’s to note the importance of it. Sadly, most major, titanic shifts in the way we, as a species behave, have occurred as a result of global tragedy and death on an unfathomable scale.

It has taken world wars, genocides, massive earthquakes, monstrous bushfires and floods, unprecedented loss to wake us up to what there is to be gained by changing.
What is going on here is a process called evolution.

Any change can be fraught with risks and with danger and with what we define as tragedy. Yet we could decide that this is the last great upheaval that is required for our species to emerge at last from the fog of our non-life-friendly behaviours, to act, finally, with true love and compassion.

You can play a role in demonstrating that decision. Indeed, you are playing it right now, in how you are responding to the present-day crisis, and through your choice in what you decide and do during this extremely challenging time. This is why you are now here. You have a choice.

Our old world is dying out as we create a new one. Do we want to go back to ‘normal’? Did ‘normal’ truly allow us to thrive? It’s up to you! You have the free will to choose what you should do. This is a test that you need to pass. Did you think you placed yourself on this Earth at the present moment by accident…?

Dan’s Quote: “Are we being asked to re-imagine what life could truly be like?
______________Is the Corona Virus a pivotal lesson to learn along the way?”


Inspiration for this post came from an article by Neale Donald Walsch
Header: Kangaroos on the hop. Queensland, Australia.

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