Whispers in the Wind


FROM CHAOS COMES CLARITY. Drought, bushfires, floods… and now, Covid-19, the world is sending us a message. It is time for change. When this is over, nothing will be quite the same again and it’s up to each one of us as to how it will all turn out, for us personally and for humanity as a whole.

Mankind’s present-day problems have been building up for millennia… the culmination of our materialistic approach to life. Our selfishness, our obsession with greed and materialism, our arrogant belief that we are masters of the world. Now, Mother Earth has had enough of catering to the whims of her spoilt children.

So, how are you handling Covid-19? Are you doing the right thing, are you considerate and caring for your fellow human beings? Are you doing your best to help us all arrive safely on the other side of this pandemic? Or are you greedily and selfishly hoarding toilet rolls, sanitizers and food stuffs to the detriment of others?

It’s time to take stock. The changes that are coming will be more far reaching than our wars, natural disasters and viral pandemics. The world as we know it is coming to an end. Another world is being born, one based upon love, compassion and conscious awareness of the oneness of us all.

There is a quiet whisper in the winds of our mind telling us that to survive, we need to change. That the old ways no longer suffice. It is up to each one of us to take notice and do our part. Those who do not will be left behind to suffer the consequences… until they learn what the world requires them to learn.

Everything happens for a purpose. In this time of crisis, there are important lessons for us all to learn. And when we do, so the world will change for the better. Why? Because the world out there is only a reflection of what’s inside each one of us.

Are you prepared to help mankind awaken, or are you too obsessed with self-preservation, too frightened of what you might lose, too caught up in the shadow lands of your material attachments? This is the choice you are being given right here, right now…

Dan’s Quote: “When you replace ‘Why is this happening to me’
_____________with ‘What is this trying to teach me?’ Everything changes.”


Header: Paddle boarding on Lake Crackenback, NSW, Australia

About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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