The Face in the Mirror

aagolden sunset

WE THINK WE ARE the face we see in the mirror each morning. This person inside our head that we call ‘ME’ is continually thinking and chattering to itself, shaping our beliefs, judgments and opinions of who we are and what the world is like, which then determines the way we approach life.

But what if we weren’t the face in the mirror or the thinker in our head? If not, then who would we be? Honestly, we just don’t know. We are told we really are a Spirit/Soul which is timeless, but the person we think we are lives in time. Timelessness for us is an unknown, we’ve never experienced it while in human form.

Our Spirit/Soul is pure unconditional Love, but the person we think we are has virtually none of those qualities. What we regard as love is conditional. We gather possessions, like a person, a partner, or a thing and call it love. For us to lose any of our possessions would be devastating, so we are always trying to hang onto them.

We fall in love with someone, if they do the same, well and good, if they don’t and dare to love another, we become jealous. Love can then turn to hate. Even though we say we love someone or something, we are constantly on edge, fearing that it or them could be taken away from us at any time.

Our love is conditional for we always expect something in return, like our love being returned. If it’s not we get depressed, or question our self-worth. With our Spirit/Soul, there are no expectations or conditions. Love is who we are so it cannot be taken away, but in our physical form we don’t know that.

Conditions cannot be placed on Pure Love, it is unconditional. It is forever! We have no human equivalent for pure love because our physical life itself is conditional. So, if behind the facade of our human body and thinking mind, we are truly an eternal loving Spirit/Soul, how can we ever come to realize that?

Dan’s Quote: “You are an eternal, loving spirit expressing itself
______________in human form… for just a little while.”


Header: A golden sunset.
Visit Queensland, Australia. Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next.

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  1. I liked the idea of thinking what if we are not what we think we are…it might be just an illusion of our brain

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