Fear Fed Feelings

Sunset after a storm in Queensland, Auatralia

FEAR INVADES THE MIND, emotions and body. Fear is what frequently holds us back. Fear of what might happen if we take a certain step. Fear of completely letting go and where that might lead us. Fear of hurting others by being honest and speaking what’s truly on our mind.

Fear inhibits the growth of not only our Spiritual advancement, but also our mental development. Fear, like anger, two of the seven deadly sins that was given to mankind as a warning thousands of years ago are retardants to our spiritual and physical growth.

When we are in a fearful situation, we are advised to ‘imagine the best possible outcome,’ then work to create that. But who’s creating? Who’s imagining the ‘best possible outcome?’ It can only be the ego wanting a particular result, which is always skewed towards what it wants… and especially its own survival.

Evolutionary growth comes through experience, then learning from that experience. Life choices are made not based on what the most desirable outcome might be, rather it’s based on what can be most learned. And if that’s in some temporary kind of ‘hell’, then so be it.

“The most profound lessons are taught by failure rather than success, and that sometimes one has to lose something in order to realize how much they appreciate it.” ~ Lindsay Buroker

When we are confronted by some kind of fearful situation which causes us to tighten up, a golden opportunity is presented to us to deal with unrealised limitations. In so doing, when the realisation through the challenge happens, it always comes with the most incredible expansion.

As you shake off that which previously held you back, then your Inner Self flies like an eagle. There’s immense joy that you reclaimed a lost aspect of Self. How do you achieve this most effectively next time you encounter fear? By facing it head on. This takes another more positive emotion, ‘Courage.’

Fear only ever comes up because it is already within us. The thing is to not try and lose it, but to rise above it. Whenever it manifests in your mind, quietly and consciously observe the fear instead of the usual panic that causes us to lose our common sense…

Dan’s Quote: “Fear’s lives in the unconscious mind.
_____________ To conquer its tyranny, become conscious.”


Inspiration for this post came from an article in Wake Up World
Header: Sunset after a storm in Queensland, Australia.

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