Bold and BullyProof

Boab Trees against a Sunset Sky at Derby in the Kimberley, Western Australia By Peter Walton Photography

YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT to be exactly who you are. You don’t need to be different in looks or manner just because others tell you, you should. The biggest problem is that some of those self-appointed judges are people who are close to you, family, friends, ones who are projecting their own imagined lack of self-worth onto you.

This is more about self-esteem than about who judges who though. Negative criticism by others influence how we regard ourselves. Whether we like it or not, what other people think of us matters… but it shouldn’t.

Negative criticism is a major problem for our self-esteem and mental health, a problem that has only been exacerbated by the advent of social media. It helps to remember, the social media troll is trying to pass their own lack of self-worth onto you. They are the ones that need help and counselling, not you.

We are all flawed in some way. That’s the beauty of it all. We are here to learn the contrasts of what it’s like to be a physical human being. How can we possibly do that if we are created perfect in every way?.. And by the way, the bully’s and belittlers are just as flawed as everyone else.

You are the right person, this is the right time, you’re thinking the right thoughts,
you’re doing the right thing and at this very moment,
you are exactly where you’re supposed to be!

Bullying, domestic violence, racial discrimination and child abuse, are all examples of people demonstrating the fact that they think you are inferior or lacking in some way… that you should be the way they think you should be.

We tend to live our lives according to the ‘you should be’ of others rather from our own self-determination. So stop thinking that way, be bold, be bullyproof and don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that upsets other people.

You are not responsible to them, or for their happiness. You are responsible for your own life and your own happiness, always. Embrace the fact that you are who you are and you have every right to be that way…

Dan’s Quote: “I would rather sit alone in silence,  
______________than with people who judge me for what I am.”


Header: Boab Trees against a Sunset Sky. The Kimberley, Western Australia.

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