The Blind Leading The Blind

Sydney harbour

THE TROUBLE WITH RELIGION is that it has not kept pace with human progress. Mankind has changed dramatically from who we were in the times of the Bible or Koran. If we were magically transported back to those days it would be as foreign to us as living on Mars.

If say Jesus, Moses, Abraham or Mohammed were to suddenly appear in the flesh today and tried to explain who they were, they wouldn’t be believed. They would more likely be arrested or shot for being suspected terrorists, before they had a chance to prove themselves.

Yet every week millions of us go to churches and temples all over the world and worship those ancient luminaries while following their antiquated rituals. Religion is holding us back with an iron grip that is as difficult to let go of as giving up oil driven machinery and coal fired power stations.

Even if we class ourselves as agnostic or atheist, or just don’t care one way or the other, we are still under the influence of a world that is dominated by religious dogma.

Apart from mainstream religions there are the extremist cults and sects that have spread their idealism over our world like an infectious disease causing as much damage to our minds as cancer does to our bodies. To follow a belief system of any sort really is the blind leading the blind!

“The hypocrisy of a religious belief is blatantly obvious if we look at the anguish, the butchery
and wholesale slaughter that religion has brought down upon mankind over its history.”

Believing in a religious doctrine is as harmful to us as believing in today’s media hype. Like a child who has graduated to a higher class while his mind still dwells in kindergarten, our mentality has advanced to a higher level… and yet we still stubbornly cling to old and outdated religious practices.

For our own sake, we must let go of our old belief systems and move on. Religion cannot remain as it is. It must reinvent itself to keep up with human progress or go the way of the dinosaurs…

Dan’s Quote: “Tell me something… If all religions teach peace,
______________then why can’t all religions achieve peace??”


Sunset over Sydney Harbour New South Wales, Australia.

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