Melting Moments


WE ARE OBCESSED WITH HAVING ‘THINGS’. Money, cars, houses, people… the list goes on. The problem is, even if we do manage to collect a few ‘things’, sooner or later they all disappear. Plus, strangely enough, when we do get them, they become mundane, so we continue our search for new things.

But at the end of it all, none of our things remain. When our life, ends none of it goes with us. What is it they say? “You can’t take it with you.” In fact, it’s all starting to disappear right now. You don’t have the friends you once had. You don’t have the stuff you once had. You don’t even have the feelings you once had.

Everything you thought was ‘You,’ or that at least helped to define who you are, has disappeared. There is nothing that is permanent. Nothing that stays. Everything goes. Which is an interesting fact about life. And by understanding this, you can let go of the frustrating search, realizing there’s no restrictions anymore.

You can do anything you wish, say anything you wish, think anything you wish, because you’re not trying to hold onto anything anymore. What’s the point? You can’t hold onto it anyway. It’s all going to go away, in the end, if not before. This may sound like a desolate and despairing scenario, yet the truth is, it’s liberating.

You can’t have anything forever. If you had it forever, the ‘having’ of it would mean nothing. Being consciously aware is knowing this. Each moment becomes truly special. Each moment ends, it cannot be held onto forever. Therefore, every single moment is sacred, savoured, cherished, before it’s gone forever.

Like a snowflake, the moments of our life fall and form and melt into the stream of our lives, moments that evaporate into nothingness, disappearing from sight, which then drop down as new snowflakes, starting the whole cycle over again. Each snowflake, each moment, is utterly magnificent, achingly beautiful, perfect. As is each of our lives…

Dan’s Quote: “Learn to enjoy every moment as it’s happening. Be happy right now.
______________Realize that each moment should be savoured before it is no more.” 

Insipation for this post came from an article in CWG by Neale Donald Walsch.
Header: Run in the park, Brisbane Queensland, Australia

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