Why Have I Created This?

Bronte Beach

WHATEVER YOU EXPERIENCE IN LIFE, no matter what emotion it is, whether it be unwanted like pain, sadness, loss or distress… or whether it be wanted like happiness, excitement, thrills, euphoria. Before you identify with that experience, ask yourself this question, “Why have I created this situation in my life?

Do not try and answer because the wrong you will be doing the asking, so it will be impossible for you to answer it with any satisfaction, but there is no need, asking the question is all you need to do. This takes your attention away from identifying with it, bringing your intention instead to examine what you are feeling.

Why? It takes you away from your ego identification with that experience and into the now moment where this emotion is arising. This allows the other you, the one deep inside of you, the one that knows the answer, to learn from that experience.

“The ego self is not who you really are.
The same as a movie projector is not the movie, the ego self is not the Universe…
It’s the mechanism through which the Universe is experienced.”

The worst thing you can do is try and rectify the experience that you do not want, for it is your invented self, your ego that is trying to do this… and it has no hope because in reality it does not exist. You do, but that You is someone you don’t as yet remember.

Our lives are full of positive and negative experiences. For some of us they are lopsided towards the positive and then there are others that lean towards the negative. But all of us experience a variation of both. That’s what life is all about, experiencing the contrasts.

Those experiences are not for our benefit per-say, rather, you could say that we are the robots with an intellect that allows us to look after our human body machine, keeping it in good running order. The experiences are more for our Soul, our True Eternal Self, that resides deep within us as the Quiet Observer…

Dan’s Quote: “In essence we are all positively good and loving.
______________Negativity, badness and hate are only illusions of the world.”


Header: Early morning surfers at Bronte Beach Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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