All Together Forever


OUR BIGGEST QUANDARY… and the one that causes us so much fear and trepidation is ‘What happens to us after we die?’ We are so emotionally attached to this life and especially to the loved ones closest to us that we cannot imagine leaving them behind… or in them dying and leaving us behind to mourn their passing.

Have no fear, for when the time comes, we leave no one behind! Because the major part of our loved ones (and us) remains in the Spiritual Realm. Only enough energy is generated by the Soul to create a physical persona. Thus leaving the Spiritual Realm is not necessary for us to experience ourselves as physical beings.

In fact, no one can leave the Spiritual Realm for there is no time or space to allow us to do so. The Souls simply create a Physical world, where we can eagerly learn what it’s like to experience the joy, the love, the pain, the heartache and the struggles of being human, then we return home, remembering where and what we’ve always been.

The truth that religions do not teach us is this: We exist simultaneously on both sides of the veil that separates the Realm of the physical from the Realm of the Spiritual. We separate a small part of our Spiritual self in order to experience the Realm of the physical, we do not leave the Spiritual Realm while doing this.

When we do the thing called “die” we simply flow our essence back into our Soul that remains there as the One identity that we truly are. There, waiting for us on the Other Side when we pass, are the Souls of all those we have loved (even the ones still living) in this lifetime and in all lifetimes.

We recognise these Souls at once, of course! And we laugh and dance with joy at the immediate knowing that we never left each other at all… and never will, for WE ARE ALL ONE, existing always and all ways in the eternal glory of Oneness with All That Is…

Dan’s Quote: “We are all visitors to this time, this place.
_____________We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe,
_____________to learn, to grow, to love… and then return home.”


Inspiration for this post came via an Email from Neale Donald Walsch (CWG)
You can Click Here to read Neale’s original transcript.
Header: A camel train on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.

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