Your Inner Pilot Light


**Following is an inspiring message from Lissa Rankin MD

SOMETIMES YOU WONDER where you came from. Although your creation is a mystery to scientists and mystics alike, let me tell you a little story and you can check in with your heart of hearts to see if any of it resonates with the core of your Being.

When a human is born, the Soul that animates you flames to life, moving through you like warm honey that flows throughout your whole physical form and creates the body, turning on the Great Light Switch of your physical Beingness.

When you die, the life force of Consciousness… like a drop of fire… rejoins the Great Flame, merging with all other sparks, yet never ceasing to be the unique spark that is your Inner Pilot Light.

Here in the quiet darkness that emerges when the Great Flame rests, the void of pure formless Consciousness can recharge and replenish with no need to eat or sleep or breathe or ski or DO anything.

Joined with all the other sparks in the great void, the spark you might call “You” reunites with All That Is and loses its sense of separation. Darling precious human, you forget all this wisdom when you are in the realm of form.

You forget that you are Consciousness Itself and that She created you in order to experience Herself more fully, to play in the cosmic sandbox, to pretend that you are separate, to act as if you are not One with All That Is, to feel the whole range of what humans can experience.

The bliss, the physical and emotional pain, the ecstasy, the anger, the grief, the righteousness, the disappointment, the despair, the childlike glee… all of it.
Your Inner Pilot Light is an eternal spark implanted within you just so you don’t forget altogether that you are part of the Great Flame…

Dan’s Quote: “I came to you in dreams, whispered sweet nothings in your ear,
______________but you dismissed my voice when you woke up.”

**Note: I was so taken by this letter (published in Sounds True) by Lissa Rankin MD that I had to share it with you. I hope you get as much inspiration out of her words as I did.        Cheers Dan.

A Post Script from Lissa

Why connect with your Inner Pilot Light? Because it helps you heal when you’re sick, guides you to aligned decision-making, comforts you when you’re lonely, restores peace when you’ve been traumatized, inspires your creativity, helps you find and fulfill your calling, allows you to experience great love, and makes you a peacemaker in a world that needs more peace. (#NoBiggie)

My sincere prayer is that reading my new book, The Daily Flame’, a collection of 365 love letters from your Inner Pilot Light becomes a journey of its own for you, allowing you to access this connection for yourself—and that this becomes a lifelong love affair.

You can Discover more here. Please share this if you know others who would benefit.

With Love, Lissa

Header picture: Wave Rock. Hyden, Western Australia

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  1. Fabulous. We forget that we are souls in this body. We forget we sre immortal souls and we get trapped and forget our goodness.

    Another fab post.

    Today i thought i would try and discover other bloggers works that might inspire me and i came across your blog.

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