Playing The Game

Charlottes Pass

FINDING TRUE HAPPINESS, true success, is not striving for some finite goal, like owning that beautiful house, or winning the lottery, or having the whole planet live justly and fairly in harmony for that matter. These things may happen, and they may be worthwhile finite goals to work towards…But!..

To be truly successful, to have joy, happiness and success in life comes not from some finite measurement, like material acquisitions, a successful career, having plenty of money, but from the continual growth and development, the continual, ongoing improvement… of Yourself!

We are born and bred into this world believing that we are finite, that we will grow old, die and be no more. We are taught from an early age that we must struggle and strive for certain acquisitions and/or accomplishments that we believe will make us happy and our life worthwhile.

There’s a mental rush within us to make haste before it’s too late. Evidence abounds all around us of people and animals being here for a short time and then dying, fading away to be no more, so it’s easy to understand why we try so hard to get more and more out of life. We need to stop right now!

There’s phenomenal freedom when you stop striving… to breathe deep, relax and let yourself become that which you truly are… the infinite game player. Understand that no matter where you are, no matter what the challenges or difficulties, no matter how low your resources are, there will always be another play.

There’s one fundamental rule and when it truly sinks in, you’ll find yourself always the winner. It’s not about some finite accomplishment. It’s not finding inner peace and staying there. It’s realizing your journey is continually unfolding and never ending. There will always be another play in your game of life after life after life…

 Dan’s Quote: “You are the continual cosmic game player.
______________You just keep getting better and better. Voila!


Inspiration for this post came from Be The Infinite Player in Wake Up World.
Header: Morning elation, ‘Charlotte Pass’, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia.

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