Death Defining

WHAT WE UNDERSTAND AS DEATH is just one expression of a process which is happening to us all the time. Instead of focusing on death as going from one state (alive) to another (dead), it is much more helpful to see it like this: ‘Dying is the breaking down of one reality in order to make way for another.’

Dying is a continual process, which is one half of a bigger process… Change. The other half is life. Death and life exist together as one, neither being able to exist without the other. The amazing thing about seeing death in this way is that, with it comes the realisation ‘dying’ is totally relevant to our everyday lives.

How does death manifest for us in everyday life? The answer lies in identification. This mean, ‘what you define yourself by’. This could be jobs, hobbies and interests, roles, relationships, religion, race, gender… the list goes on. The thing is that sooner or later, death will take all of these things away.

Death happens to us every day. It happens every time we don’t get our expectations met, every time we feel pain, or every time someone disagrees with us. It happens when we change or lose jobs, house or relationships. And, of course it happens when a loved one dies or we permanently lose a function of our body or mind.

Every moment we are dying to the past, the person we once were. We can never get our old reality back, although we dwell in memories, trying desperately to keep that old self alive. When we finally realise that our old, past identity is no longer a viable part of our current reality, a bridge is created back to the now moment.

We may not know what happens when we finally let go of our body. However, by learning to die right now, we can begin to fully live in each moment. There’s no longer anything to fear from losing that which is no longer a part of our reality. It takes a lot of courage, especially in the beginning. But the rewards are worth it!..

Dan’s Quote: “The great goal is to understand life from your own experience,
_____________not from what others have told you.”

This post sourced partly from Why You No Longer Need To Fear Death by Richard West.
Header: Glass House Mountains Sunshine Coast hinterland Queensland, Australia.

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