The Choices We Make


STANDING ASIDE and impartially observing ourselves plays an important part in our learning process. Being fully aware of what we are doing and thinking as we go through our day gives us the opportunity to make better choices about how we handle the problems that crop up in our daily life.

As we go about our day, it is of the utmost importance for us to understand that it is we who are creating our own experience. Much of today’s society revolves around doing rather than being. To fully Be, we need to be aware of what’s happening to us at every moment and especially how we react to life’s challengers.

Rarely do we take a good hard look at ourselves. Instead, time and time again we blindly walk right back into the same old patterns and bad habits. Only by observing ourselves can we learn, thus understand that our experiences are neither good nor bad, they are determined only by how ‘We’ perceive them.

What we learn from our experiences is what makes the difference. We must ask ourselves these questions, ‘Why did I create this situation?’ ‘What did I learn or not learn from that experience and what can I take away from it?’ ‘Why did this happen to me?’ ‘What impact did my actions have on others and the environment?’

There’s no need to answer these questions, asking is all you need to do to separate yourselves from your emotional, unconscious self. This is important especially when you are experiencing adversity such as pain, loss or distress. Too often in these situations we are completely unaware while being wholly lost in our misery.

It‘s the conscious choices we make that will allow us to learn from our experiences and determine the kind of life we live, so why not make conscious choices? The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘What sort of life do I want?’ It’s up to you. You create your world and control how you react to it.

By understanding we are in charge and control our own destiny, we will become experienced enough to move on from an illusory world of separation and confusion to one of, love, compassion and understanding…

Dan’s Quote: “We can reach our full potential only if we are willing to learn.
______________Which means we will occasionally fail.”  


Header: Mindil Beach, Darwin, Australia’s Northern territory.

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