Chasing After Dreams

Cairns marina

WHEN WE ARE UPSET OR HURT or feeling like the world is against us, we tend to blame some other person or some outside event. We may be confronted by an angry person, or have an accident of some sort, or there’s a family squabble, or we’re just having a bad day.

Usually when anything like this happens we blame the outside event, the angry person, the other car, the wife, husband, son, daughter, the weather or just plain dumb luck. This causes us anxiety, depression and a host of other negative emotions that as we have all found out, does us no good and usually spoils our day.

For our own sanity we need to try to remain calm before the anger inside of us erupts, or the tears flow, or we press the panic button. We need to stop for a moment if we can and become aware of what’s troubling us and why. If we do, we will realize that all of our angst is coming from inside of us, not from some outside source.

When we come into contact with what we would consider to be something good, we automatically become happy and conversely, in the case of something bad, become invariably sad. The cause of our joy or sorrow seems to be easy to identify and target. So it’s natural for us to shy away from sorrow and chase after joy.

 It all seems so simple, thus we believe there is every justification for our anger against events we judge to be not good for us and sound reason for our attraction to anything that we deem as pleasurable, but it doesn’t work that way. Life just happens. To prevent our continuing unhappiness, we need to take a new approach.

If we continue to blame outside influences for our unhappiness, or even our happiness, we are doomed to a life of chasing after dreams. Instead we need to turn our mind around and look at what’s troubling us from a new direction. We must look within ourselves, for therein lies the answer to all our suffering…

Dan’s Quote: “We always blame others for our trials and tribulations.
_____________Even the self we blame is other than who we truly are.”


Header: Peaceful marina, Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

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