Wrapped In Flesh

A Only the Apostles delivered a sunset like this one! jpg

TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR BODY, but look at it from a completely impersonal perspective, free of any thought about it, without any sense of ownership. Look in the mirror at your face, your eyes, but look without the thinking mind. What do you see?

Your body is a product of the universe. A magnificent sculpture, carved from stardust. One of the most complex arrangements of energy there is. We use our body as a vehicle to travel around and experience the physical world, in fact our body makes the world we’re privy to.

The brain selects a very narrow band of frequencies, constructing a reality according to the perception of what our senses relay. So essentially, the whole world that we exist in… the reality bubble that we spend our entire life in… is entirely made by the human mind and body.

“Your body gives you mobility, but it is not what you are.
Your name identifies your physical presence, but it is not who you are.
Your senses guide you through the labyrinth of your physical journey, but they are not you either. Your thoughts define your judgments and shape your beliefs, but it’s not who you think you are. You are not any those things.”

Reality as we know it, doesn’t exist objectively, only subjectively through the being that is observing it. Without an observer there would be no reality. You’re seeing a very personal perception of a world unfolding right before your eyes, seeing life in all its animation and glory.

There’s nothing else to do other than admire what we’re amongst, what we’re creating. Look around you, at what you’re part of. You’re on a planet zooming through space at hundreds of kilometres per second, circling around in a gigantic galaxy. You’re amongst life!

Energy has coalesced not only into the form of a human being, but a giraffe, an ant, a butterfly, a chameleon, an amoeba etc, etc, and through all these configurations, the universe is observing itself. It’s having experiences with itself. The whole world is consciousness, it all exists within you, not out there somewhere…

Dan’s Quote: “You are the sum total of all that is, everything
______________in the Universe is an expression of You.”


Inspiration for this post came from an article by Andrew barker in Collective Evolution.
Header: The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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