Facing The Storms Of Life

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WE ARE TOLD THAT IF WE BECOME ENLIGHTENED, or awakened, or consciously aware, it will assist us in understanding the reason for life and most importantly, who we are and why we are here. We are also told that our life will become free of problems.

This is not strictly true, it’s just that problems will not be seen as problems anymore. The way we approach daily life will completely change. We will stop labeling things and events as being either good or bad, positive or negative, all will be seen with quiet acceptance of life unfolding exactly as it is meant to unfold.

We’ll realize we are not in control of life as we once thought, ‘Life Just Is’… and we are not separate from it. Even if we did feel separate, that is not the case. A wave can feel separate from the ocean all it wants; but in truth it remains an integral part of the ocean as a whole.

We’ll learn to trust life fully and completely and to go with the flow while enjoying the journey. Life is like a roller coaster that has both ups and downs. You cannot have a roller coaster that has only ups. As we ride the downs of life, we’ll realize that life is teaching us to accept life unconditionally… just as it is.

The urge to complain about every little thing suddenly becomes a waste of energy. Unconditional acceptance of our life replaces cynicism. What for us was once a life with many seemingly insurmountable problems magically changes to a welcome challenge to find out what we are truly made of.

As the saying goes, Everyone is a good captain when the seas are calm, but ships were not designed to stay in the harbor, so don’t stay away from the storms of life. Regardless of the outcome of any situation, you will learn something about yourself. And you’ll realize that what you are at your very core can never be harmed…

Dan’s Quote: “You are that quiet awareness within your mind
______________that is aware that you are aware.”


Header: Henley Beach Adelaide South Australia.

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