Selfless Awareness


A LOT IS SAID LATELY ABOUT SELF AWAKENING, but what is it we need to do exactly? We need to wake up to the fact that what we are, have always been, and cannot help but be is pure Awareness. We need to fully realize that we are not the self-image we have of ourselves, we are not our body, nor our thoughts.

Rather, our true nature, our unconditioned essence, is timeless Awareness. Because it’s fully what we already are, we have no need to do anything or go anywhere to be it. For example, an ocean doesn’t need to go and find water. It just needs to recognize that it is what it already is.

The reason it’s so challenging to awaken to who we truly are is because we have been conditioned from birth to believe that we are the image we have of ourselves in our mind… our body, name and history. We are not. What are we then? We are that which silently observes and is aware of everything we experience.

This includes all our thoughts, feelings, sensations, images and perceptions that arise constantly within us. The reality is that we don’t need to stop any of those things to awaken; we just need to stop identifying with them. But this is not so easy, as we well know because most of us have spent a lifetime doing just that.

The key is to observe our thoughts; to silently watch them. To get some space between our awareness and the arising thought and notice that we are present and aware before the thought, during the thought, and after the thought, so the thought cannot be who we are.

Ask yourself this: ‘How do I know I have a body?’ You know because you are aware of it. ‘How do I know I have thoughts, feelings and perceptions?’ You know because you are aware of them. Simply put, your true nature is Awareness itself quietly watching the unfolding drama that is your life…

Dan’s Quote: “I’m inside my body but I’m not my body…
_____________The me that makes me ‘ME’ lives independent of my body.”


Header: Hello from Perth Western Australia.

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  1. That’s true! We are not our body!🍃🌸🌷 we are more than that!

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