Karma’s a Bitch

Bronte Beach

KARMA IS JUST A WORD that we all know about but few of us really understand. If we did we would be much more cautious, because Karma can be a real bitch. We are all egocentric (human) and while ever our minds are dominated by our ego, we will be susceptible to the retaliatory power Karma wields.

In every interaction with our fellow human beings, we are given the choice of being either loving, considerate and selfless, or unloving, uncaring and selfish. Vices like anger, greed, lust, cruelty, envy and pride attract bad Karma, for which we will eventually pay the penalty.

Every wrong that you do to another must be paid back in kind. Every time you hurt someone either physically or verbally you are collecting bad Karma, which at some time later in life, or the next, will put you in that person’s shoes where you’ll be hurt to the same degree as you hurt them.

This is where the decision makers who run our governments, banks, big business corporations who choose to be greedy, selfish and inconsiderate should be shaking in their boots, for woe betide each and every one them when the time comes for Karma’s payback, and that time will come, without doubt.

Although through our ignorance, we may think we are safe from Karma by the fact that so far we haven’t suffered the consequences of our actions, it doesn’t mean we have avoided Karma. For the list is simply added to our next lifetime, where we will receive in equal measure that which we have ever done to another.

Remember, every thought, every impulse you have, you will feel temptations pulling you in different directions and ultimately it will be up to you to decide which way you go. As you decide, be very wary of Karma’s consequences.

It’s through exposure to life’s contrasting experiences that we learn and grow. Our soul is being finetuned, streamlined if you will by the lessons that Karma provides. So the sooner we open our hearts and learn to be truly loving, compassionate and peaceful human beings the better…

Dan’s Quote: “You will never understand the damage you did to someone else,
______________until the same thing is done to you… That’s why I’m here.”~ Karma


Header: Early morning surfers at Bronte Beach Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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