Free To Be


MOST OF OUR BELIEFS ARE NOT OUR OWN, but were passed onto us by our parents, family members, teachers, neighbours, the media, etc. These beliefs are not much more than a bunch of sentences, statements and equations that we carry around with us wherever we go.

To see what beliefs you’re carrying around, you can begin by simply noticing what you think and what you say to others. Pay attention to statements that have the words ‘always’ and ‘never’ in them as well as statements that assert a positive ‘I know’ emphasis around them.

These types of statements are rigid and typically hold a lot of power in their ability to influence your behaviour. Of course you are more than the sum total of your beliefs, but with all that clutter and debris in the way, it’s difficult to see beyond your machinelike attitudes.

Letting go of your personal beliefs and being open minded, is a powerful act of rebellion. This takes courage for you are stepping into unknown territory, a world of newness and unlimited possibilities. This does not mean that you cut all ties, but rather it means to express yourself as you really are. unburdened by the past.

You become open and receptive and teachable. The mind and heart become energized by having new options, and being no longer restricted by your thoughts of what you can and cannot do, have or be. This way of being makes life feel magical and exciting. This is where you find joy.

Most of us had glimpses of this simple way of being when we were children, but over time it got crushed by all the responsibilities and obligations to participate in the societal machine. To be free again you can begin now by paying attention to your thoughts and words. Question everything.

Before long, you’ll notice a stirring within as if awakening from a long sleep. You’ll be breathing new life into an old structure. This is the invitation your being was waiting for. Now follow it where it wants to go. You will be amazed at where it takes you…

Dan’s Quote: “There is a huge difference between eating a meal and deciding
_____________it’s good, and being told a meal is good by someone else.”


This post adapted from an article by Victoria Fann in Wake Up World.
Header: Party on the beach, Darwin Northern Territory, Australia.

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