Getting To Know You

Broome Camel Safaris in Australia's North West,

STOP FOR A MOMENT! Become aware of what you are doing. Take notice of your hands as you are performing your work, feel your body, is it stressed or at ease? Be aware of your feet, what you are standing on? What are you thinking? Are your thoughts on what you are doing, or are they somewhere else?

Take a good and long look at yourself from an impartial observer’s perspective. Become aware and curious of all you do and say. Most of the time our days are filled with the same types of things. We go to the same work place, we hang around the same crowd of people, and we engage in the same stuff.   

Our lives are virtually on automatic pilot from when we get up in the morning, to when we go to bed at night. Our mind is somewhere else while brushing our teeth, when taking a shower, through a whole series of mundane daily rituals and repetitions. Most often this is our life, and that’s what’s holding us back.

 Most of the time we are in this sleep-like state, unknowingly living the same old story that we were brought up to believe we chose. But most of what we do and say has never been chosen by us, not consciously, it’s been programmed.

It’s fed to us through the media and society in general, which bombards our whole being with second hand information and advice. It’s not all bad of course. Most of us have learned and experienced some beautiful things, developed great values, and have met some wonderful people.

Life might be good for us, but still, our robotic programming must go. The thing is it’s not our fault. The subconscious mind is simply a programmed chip if you will, that is acting like our pilot. It is keeping us locked into the false belief that we are free and in charge, when in reality we’re not.

This is why impartial observation is so important, for only when we break free from the old robotic patterns and start living consciously and creatively, can we fully experience life…

Dan’s Quote:You are the observer and the doer, and the more you step back
______________the more consciously you can become the master of your actions.”


The inspiration for this post came from reading an article in Wake Up World.
Header: A camel train on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.

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