The Strife In Life

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WE HOPE THAT EVERY MOMENT of our life will be good ones, with unending love, excitement, money, easy living etc. We don’t want anything bad to come along and spoil our day do we? But bad things do happen to us as well we know, and it can happen at any time.

No matter the quality of our lives, we all suffer from some form of emotional/physical pain, or just plain bad luck at times. What we don’t realize is that those difficult times provide us with the experiences in our life that we need. After all, how could we recognize and appreciate the good times without referencing the bad times?

 “The more something upsets you, the more it is meant for you. When it no longer upsets you,
it is no longer needed because the lesson is complete.”
~ Bryant McGill

There is method to life’s madness and badness. The so called good and bad days are contrasting experiences that balance out our life. They test our mettle and resolve, making us stronger, while providing us with golden opportunities to overcome our resistance and get to know and understand ourselves and life a little better.

Everything we are going through in our life is meant specifically for us. So the quicker we realize that, get off our butts, get to work and learn the lessons that the not so good times present to us the better.

The quicker we do so, the quicker we’ll reach the pinnacle of becoming all that we can possibly imagine ourselves to be…

Dan’s Quote: “The next time you feel helpless in the face of the world’s insanity,
_____________try to discover who the ‘You’ is that feels so helpless.”


Header: Ski fields at Perisher Valley New South Wales, Australia.

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