The Thinker In Our Head

First light on a beautiful Tuesday overlooking the Nepean River, Emu Plains. troy photo

WE  REGARD OURSELVES as being separate and distinct from everyone else. We see and feel a world that appears to be outside of us, viewed from a narrow and personal perspective. It’s a very private domain, enclosed within the walls of our ever thinking mind.

We are continually thinking and chattering to ourselves in our head…and the reason for that is, by constantly thinking we are re-enforcing our perceived identity, the belief that we really are this person that’s wrapped around us… for if we stopped thinking, then who would we be?

Our thoughts are constantly in motion, judging, comparing, planning, deciding, liking, disliking, dreaming. We think that the way we personally think is the only and right way to think. We think that we are exclusive, that the way we resolve and make decisions and presents ideas, is the most intelligent way to do it.

But what happens when something comes along that is different to our way of thinking, that threatens our set of ideas and beliefs? It disturbs us, we can get very defensive, or we can become afraid and say, ‘how come something is criticizing my right, true, and exclusive thinking. That can’t be right… because I am right.’

“You must watch the thoughts and feelings which parade through your mind, but not say ‘I’ to them. This impersonal watchfulness breaks the destructive habit of falsely labelling them as being who we are. That is not who you are! You are someone entirely different.”

The cause of all human hostility is our thinking mind enclosed behind its own private walls, a mind that demands that it be the only mind that operates properly and adequately in this world, the only one that’s right, the only one that’s true, the only one that’s intelligent.

Now since millions upon millions of human beings think in this very same way, why human beings clash and argue on a daily basis causing constant conflict and wars should become very clear…

Dan’s Quote: “You can never find something that has no existence in reality…
_____________for instance, your false sense of self.”


This post inspired by reading  Vernon Howard’s New Life Foundation website.
Header: First light overlooking the Nepean River, Emu Plains, NSW, Australia

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