A World Of Smoke And Mirrors

The Kimberley by chopper. Matt Wright 'The Outback Wrangler' by National Geographic Australia

IF WE ARE TO LEARN THE TRUTH about our existence and why we are here, we must first become aware of what is real and what is not. We are accustomed to blindly accepting the fact that what we experience with our five senses is real. But what if everything is not as it seems?

What if we were to question all that we see. We normally don’t do this. Usually we go through our daily lives mindless of where we are and what we are seeing and doing. We are like robots, taking it for granted that it is all real.

Becoming aware of our surroundings will allow us to intelligently question the validity of the world we see. For instance, you may question whether the computer and chair you are sitting on while reading this post is real? ‘I’m positive it’s real’ you might say, ‘look, I can see it, feel it, smell it.’

Now, if you walk into a back room where you can no longer see your chair or computer, ask yourself, ‘do they still exist? Or, because they are now outside of the range of my senses, do they no longer have any need to exist?’

Once you walk back to your computer, the question then arises, does the back room you just left exist now that you no longer need it to be a presence in your world? In other words does whatever you see or not see really exist, or is it all only different apparitions that appear when needed?

What if the rest of the world we cannot see is not really there? We can only sense the tiny little piece that directly surrounds us, for that is all that is necessary for us to experience physical life. If we are to learn and thus evolve, even the validity of that tiny bit we see needs to be questioned.

Is my world real or is what I am seeing at the present moment only an illusion within my mind that is temporarily required to be there to facilitate the appearance of a seemingly real world, so that I can experience the many contrasts of living a physical life?..

Dan’s Quote: “You are in an imaginary virtual reality machine called a human body
______________that allows you to experience the wonders of physical life.”


Inspiration for this post came from reading A Course In Miracles.
Header Photo: Travelling The Kimberley Western Australia by chopper.
by Matt Wright ‘The Outback Wrangler National Geographic Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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