Giving Away Our Power

currumbin beach gold coast

WHEN WE ARE BORN INTO THIS WORLD we begin to get a feeling about life. A thought and an attitude that overwhelms all else. That feeling is one of helplessness. We connect with other people and with events and everything seems so much stronger and wiser than us, more powerful, more domineering.

And we look at ourselves and we see that we seem to have no power at all, no authority, no wisdom, and we attribute, incorrectly, that wisdom, power and authority to other people. And we even become inured to it in many instances because we think that other people know more than we do.

We come to believe that they have all the answers to life. And much to our sorrow in later years, we find out that they didn’t have the answers at all. They played the part of someone having the answers and when we’re young and small and know so little ourselves, we eagerly accept that they must be right.

“You don’t have to ask permission from anyone in order to transform yourself.
It is your life. Don’t hand it over to others.~
Vernon Howard

As we grow we look around and try to find someone who can guide us, help us. We get all sorts of strange ideas about where our salvation, our deliverance and our strength is going to come from, but especially during the early years of our lives, the dominating feeling is still one of utter helplessness.

We may not show it on the outside, we may bluff and we may pretend that we have it made, that we know what we’re doing, but inwardly we feel that we’re at the mercy of everything ‘out there’ and this feeling of being at the mercy of life urges us to want to do something about it. And we always make the wrong move.

We begin to feel and think incorrectly, that if we’re overpowered by events, by circumstances, by luck, by fate, we feel that there is one thing we can do, which is the greatest mistake of our life. We feel that we can protect ourselves by giving our power to someone else…

Dan’s Quote: “You’re not free. You’re not one with the world, you’re one within yourself,
______________you’re trapped inside your own mind.”


Inspiration for this post came from reading Vernon Howard’s’ New Life Foundation.
Header: Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia.

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