Inner Demons

Cairns marina

ARE YOU TRYING TO BE SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT? Constantly conforming to what you believe others think you should be? Do you feel like you’re being constantly judged, even when you’re on your own? All this self recrimination, insecurity and mental turmoil is upsetting your enjoyment of life.

In your more lucid moments ask yourself;  “Why would anyone bother to judge me?” Of course they probably don’t, you know that underneath, and yet the insecurities, the self consciousness and feeling of unworthiness persist. It serves no constructive purpose at all.

“We spend so much of our lives doing and being what other people want that goes against
our common sense and self respect. When we truly don’t care what anyone thinks,
we will have reached a fantastically awesome level of freedom.”

All those ‘other’ people are probably so wrapped up in their own personal dramas, insecurities and self recriminations that they haven’t the time nor the inclination to judge you, and even if they do, in the scheme of things, what does it really matter?

Does it make your life any better by spending the greater part of your day worrying about what other people may be thinking of you?.. Or is it really the way you think about yourself! AH!… Maybe that’s where both the problem and the solution lies.

It’s not really them at all is it? It’s your judgment of yourself that you are projecting outwards. It’s all in your mind! Underneath, you know that you are a fairly intelligent human being, but even so, you allow these derogatory thoughts to colour your life and the way you approach your relationships with other people.

Do you relate to that? Do you feel that you are being judged by others? Does it make it difficult to be social with all this negative mental turmoil churning around in the back of your mind? Are you the only one thinking negative thoughts about themselves… or is everyone else exactly the same as you?…

Dan’s Quote: “Our world is made up of what we perceive to be true.
_____________Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison.”


Header: Peaceful marina, Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

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