Whispers Of The Soul

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YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE! You have an inner power that your everyday mind keeps subdued beneath a constant barrage of thoughts. That power has always been there, it never leaves you, it is who you are. It’s quiet whispers guide you in every aspect of your life… but you must learn to take heed.

Your life is coloured by every single choice that you make. Even a thought is a choice, and choice and responsibility go together. When you take responsibility for every choice that you make and every thought you have, its empowering… and scary for many of us.

You might say: “Yes, this is all well and good, but, you see, I have this and that going on and I can’t do this for this and that reason.” Your mind will always try to find a reason, an excuse not to listen to your inner power, for your mind is trying to reason a way out of losing its hold on you.

Taking full responsibility and making your life your own business is a very scary thing. Be brave, your power is so much stronger than your mind. Your inner light is grander than you can ever imagine. No person, no event or circumstance can stand in the way of your ability to choose your own life.

You must take the reins, for action is always involved in any part of creation. Every thought that you think is a form of action that puts into motion a whole set of events. These events are what is becoming your life, the story that you are writing.

You hold the pen and you write every word. You can turn the page and start again on any given day. You can change your story, even the meaning of your past. The events that have happened are there, but how you perceive them is entirely up to you.

What you make of your life, how you colour it and give it meaning is in your hands. Your life is your dance and your expression. This is your time to shine, and you are so worth it…

Dan’s Quote: “You are responsible for everything that happens to you in this life!
______________The story is yours to write, so make it a best seller.”


Inspiration for this post came from an article inWake Up World
Header: The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

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