Oh Woe Is Me!


WHEN OUR LIFE IS DOING JUST FINE, it’s easy to take the credit and say, ‘I created all this’, but what happens when things go wrong, who do we blame ? God? The government? Someone else? At these times we can become overwhelmed with feelings of irritation and despair.

The problem is in our thinking. Our misery or happiness relies not on what is actually happening in our life, but on our interpretation of what is happening, clouded by a personal storm of emotions, hopes and desires. We allow what happens outside of us to dictate how we feel inside of us.

Whatever you experience, especially when it’s an adversity like pain, sadness, loss, or distress, before you go and get yourself all wrapped up in identifying with it, stop and ask yourself one question, ‘Why am I experiencing this?’

Do not try to answer it, because the wrong you will be doing the asking. Your everyday mind can never provide you with a satisfactory answer. You are too close to yourself to be able to look at it objectively. The surprising thing is that the asking is all you really need to do.

When you are going thru a difficult time in your life and wonder what the answer is.
Remember the teacher is always quiet during a test.

Practice makes perfect. Every time you stop and query a painful experience in your life, your attention is drawn away from what’s upsetting you and becomes focused on the present moment where the suffering is actually occurring…. You separate yourself from your pain.

This allows you to step back just a little and look at the problem from a more intelligent, discerning angle. Most of us tend to always blame others for our problems, but even if we blame ourselves, who is this self that we are blaming? It’s our false sense of identity, which is not who we really are.

To every negative event that happens in our life, stop and earnestly ask. ‘why am I experiencing this?’ By doing this we take responsibility for our pain, which inhibits our everyday self from taking control of our emotions and causing us untold and unnecessary distress…

Dan’s Quote: “Everyone’s life is meaningful and the purpose
_____________of life’s struggle is to find that meaning.”

Header: Party on the beach, Darwin Northern Territory, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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