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Broome Camel Safaris in Australia's North West,

YOU THINK THAT THIS IS ALL THERE IS. That your life is a one off special event. You protectively guard yourself against any sort of danger or of being hurt. You get distressed and cry ‘Why me?’ when you suffer an illness or things go wrong. You worry about not getting enough money, excitement, love etc.

You think that you are a victim of circumstances. But what you have forgotten is that you are Creating all of this. The universe the galaxies, the stars the planets, space and everything in it was created within you, by you, for you. In truth, ‘You are the Universe experiencing itself’.

Your life is evolving exactly as planned so have the trust to let life be whatever it wants to be, for with all its mayhem, troubles, wars, pain and sadness mixed in with all its love, happiness and compassion, it’s all a part of the magical, breathtakingly beautiful Universe ‘That Is You.’

You need the experience of your lifetime to expand, to evolve into a greater and more magnificent you… thus enabling a greater and more magnificent Universe to unfold.
That’s how important you are.

Have no concern with what sort of a person you are, or the difficulties, the pain, the illness you may be suffering, take heart, all is as it should be, for life is sometimes awesome, sometimes awful. And in between the awesome and the awful is the ordinary, mundane and routine.

With all life’s ups and downs, you are meant to be here exactly as you are, and although it may not appear so, the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. With free will you will always have the opportunity to change your life situation somewhat, which then allows the Universe to experience itself a bit differently.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: ‘Does a tree falling in the forest make a noise if there is no one there to hear it?’ Ditto.. ‘Would the Universe still exist if your conscious presence was not there to observe and sense it?’ Would you exist if it wasn’t for the awareness of self that lies deep within you?…

Dan’s Quote: “The Universe is an outer manifestation of the
______________inner, curious creature that is your true self.”


Header: A camel train on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

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