The Omni-YOU

South Straddie

IF WE KNEW THAT WE WERE ALL CONNECTED. If we fully understood that there is no separation between us and every other human being in the world, that their pain is our pain, would we continue to regard each other with contempt… to rob, rape, torture, kill and wage war with each other like we now do?

Or, with the knowledge that we are ‘All One’, would we be more compassionate with each other, more loving, more caring. What if we really understood that whenever we hurt somebody else, whether physically or mentally, we were actually hurting ourselves?

Trying to understand ‘Oneness’ intellectually is impossible. We humans have a compulsion to try and prove that something does or does not exist. This dualistic way of thinking, of wanting to find all the right answers can drive us to distraction. Some things are unexplainable… they just are.

“Have you ever walked in a park, or a forest and felt the calming serenity of everything around you? If you have, then you have been given a glimpse of the
peace and calmness of being ‘One’ with the world.”

Oneness is not a new idea or philosophy, it has been with humanity for many thousands of years. All matter, energy, stars and galaxies have come from the One Source. This is a difficult concept for the conditioned mind to grasp.

We are not in the universe, the universe is in us. Oneness is present everywhere. It exists in everything throughout nature. Nature itself and all that exists within and without the universe are one. There are underlying threads of oneness everywhere and nothing exists in isolation… And all of it is within you.

When we finally wake up to the fact that we are indeed ‘All One’ we will then understand that unconditional love and respect for all living creatures is the cornerstone for a harmonious and prosperous world… and you are One with all of that…

Dan’s Quote: “You are never alone. You are eternally connected
______________to everyone and everything in the universe.”


Header: Sunrise on South Stradbroke Island Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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