The Veil of Unknowing

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WHEN WE ARE BORN, we completely forget the fact that we are eternal, non-physical, creative beings who are an integral part of the ‘One Universal Consciousness’. We completely forget that we chose and planned this physical life experience and our reasons for doing so, before we were born.

 We cast a ‘Veil of Unknowing’ over ourselves at birth, for we needed to believe in the illusion that we are separate individuals at the mercy of circumstances, trying to survive in a cold, cruel world. It was necessary to produce this perception of separation that is in direct contrast to our Oneness and true nature.

But the veil does even more than make us not remember who we truly are, it also filters the information that might become available to us, information that could enable us to rediscover our true nature and what this essentially does is to guarantee that we cannot prove that in reality we are All One.

Accept the fact that it was our very selves that planned the whole of our life’s drama,
both the good and the bad, the pleasant and the painful before we were born.

Anything that approaches irrefutable proof of our Oneness with All That Is will always include sufficient cause for doubt so that we can never be sure of its authenticity. Since the Veil of Unknowing hides the truth from us, then it follows that it also must hide the deepest, true nature of everything else.

Why? Because, by knowing the deepest true nature of everything else would inevitably lead us to knowing the Oneness of all, including our selves. While we are here living this life, we can only know about the surface of things, not the true cause… for to know the true cause, would defeat our purpose for being here.

The fascinating thing about all this is, the ‘One Universal Consciousness’ is actively interacting with our consciousness to filter the information that is available to us. And what’s exciting about that is, the Veil of Unknowing is intentionally and slowly being weakened as part of the ultimate plan for us all to awaken…

Dan’s Quote: “You’re not free… You’re not one with the world…
______________you’re one within yourself, you’re trapped inside your own mind.


Inspiration for this post came from an article in Wake Up World.
Header: The sun setting on the Apostles Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

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