From Cradle To Grave

currumbin beach gold coast

AS A BABY WE ARE BORN CONSCIOUS of the purpose of our life… albeit only for a short time, until we are plunged into the unconscious depths of our humanness. But why is it necessary to so quickly become unconscious? Why doesn’t the awareness of who we truly are continue?

The answer is simple. If we remained aware of who we truly are, we would have no reason to be born into this world in the first place. Our unawareness allows us to fully experience the contrasting emotional turmoil of being human and learn from those experiences.

Once we are born into this world, our fledgling ego rapidly replaces our spiritual awareness with the more basic needs for physical survival. We quickly learn that to smile or cry… or scream will produce sustenance, attention and loving care. In other words, we are learning how to manipulate our physical environment in order to survive.

Our egoic mind lacks the expertise to fully understand what life is about and why we are here. We’re all stumbling blindly through life trying to figure this shit out, but no matter what sort of life we have, the truth is it’s simply one state of being in a long learning process on the pathway to perfection.

“Besides all the confusion and uncertainty of life, we need to realize and appreciate
just how lucky we are to be alive in the first place.”

All of our many struggles, our pains, our good times, our bad times, our loving and hating, our prides and our passions is leading us somewhere that we need to go, even though it seems impossible at the moment for our immature human brain to figure out… but it will eventually.

From cradle to grave, our purpose for being here is to bring the mortal aspect of ourselves into alignment with the immortal aspect of ourselves. With more experience at being human, we’ll bring the blending of our humanity and our spirituality closer together.

Our humanness is only a disguise while we are here in earth’s classroom, it’s not who we truly are. Our body is only a cocoon that encases our soul, enabling us to experience a life of positive and negative contrasts so as we can fully appreciate what we eternally and truly are…

Dan’s Quote: “You are the product of the lessons you have learned.”

Header: Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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  1. very enlightening, and oddly, soothing

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