Proof Of Love

The Kimberley by chopper. Matt Wright 'The Outback Wrangler' by National Geographic Australia

WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING… And that’s to be loved. We put a lot of effort into being nice to people because we are trying to please them, rather than please ourselves. This is based on fear. We try to please them because we want their love and appreciation in return, but fear we won’t get it.

The problem is, we are looking for love in the wrong place. It is impossible to be loved by others if we don’t love ourselves. Sure, we are protective of ourselves, we fear being hurt, getting sick, dying etc, but that’s self survival, not self love.

“The inability for human beings to love and appreciate themselves
is the root cause of all the unrest, cruelty and wars in the world.”

When we don’t love ourselves it can be replaced by dislike and sometimes even hate. Self hate afflicts the minds of all terrorists, murderers, rapists and the like. They find it impossible to love and respect themselves, so find it equally impossible to love and respect others.

Maybe, when they were a child, they were belittled and hurt and the belief was instilled in them that they were less of a human being so not worthy of being loved. As they grew up into adulthood, this became a deep seated, festering ulcer of self disapproval.

The way we were treated in early childhood influences the way we think of ourselves today. If a feeling of inferiority was instilled in us in any way we will have a natural tendency to condescend to others wishes rather than our own and we will be reluctant to say anything that might offend, fearing we will not be liked.

To be loved by others, we first need to love and respect ourselves… and with the courage to be disliked if necessary show our true feelings instead of showing a watered down version of ourselves so as to gain favour with others…

Dan’s Quote: “Seek not to be accepted by others, seek to be you,
_____________and accept yourself for who you are, just as you are.”


Header: Travelling The Kimberley Western Australia by chopper.
By Matt Wright ‘The Outback Wrangler‘ National Geographic Australia.

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