This Is It! You Are It!


YOU CAN SEARCH FOR THE MEANING OF LIFE all you want, but if you constantly beat yourself up because you fail to ‘See the light’, you may just be missing out on the true purpose of life… which is to embrace all the up and down moments in this life experience from your own unique perspective.

Maybe the purpose of life is to NOT get it. Have you thought about that? Think about it, if you were meant to ‘feel good’ and ‘have all the spiritual wisdom’ all the time, your beautiful and courageous soul would not have chosen to take on a human body for this grand adventure to begin with.

This journey is a bit like going on a rollercoaster ride or watching a thriller at the movies. You purchase the ticket knowing full well it may scare the bejesus out of you and rock your world, but you do it anyway! Why? You are here to experience all the thrills and spills of every moment and experience of your life’s journey!

The grand cosmic joke is that there is nowhere to go and nothing to do.
 The ‘You’ that is here in this very moment… and the moment itself is ALL THERE IS.”

In the eyes of your eternal Divine Self that transcends duality as well as life and death, there is no good or bad experience, there is only experience. Have you been denying yourself the thrill of the experience called life? Are you always looking to get somewhere or waiting for the next moment to be better than this one?

This is it! You are it! This is the purpose of life, the icing on the cake, the most glorious journey of all, the exciting adventure only you can create, the magnificent experience your soul so desires and craves even if your mind is saying otherwise at the moment, and the only reason why you came to this planet…

Dan’s Quote: “Be here. Be you. And enjoy the ride of your life, boldly and unapologetically.”


Inspiration for this post and Why So Difficult came from an article by Juliet Tang.
Header: ‘Kakadu National Park’ Northern Territory, Australia.

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