The Never Ending Journey


OUR FEARS ARE UNFOUNDED. Climate change, world war, a disease pandemic, or a collision with a comet or meteor from outer space will not cause the end of our existence. It can’t possibly happen, for our physicality and this world is not real. We are Spiritual Beings (Souls) and ‘We Are Eternal’.

This world was created for a purpose. To provide us with a means to learn and grow towards our own perfection. Bringing about our extinction would not make sense. We are confusing ourselves with the bag of flesh, blood and bone that we think of as being who we are. But that is Not who we are.

We are eternal Spiritual Beings disguised as finite physical beings. We were born into this world specifically to learn from the contrasting positive/negative experiences of being physical. Our Spiritual existence is a sublime state of Love, Joy and Peace. There is nothing else.

So our Soul has no contrasting experiences available that will allow the appreciation of what is it’s eternal reality. Like a rich man who has never experienced poverty, he has no way of fully appreciating being rich.

Well you might say, “So what! We spend our lives trying to avoid suffering, wouldn’t it be great if we could?”… No it wouldn’t! It’s the struggle, the pain and anxiety caused by challenging and conquering suffering that allows us to learn to fully appreciate our true existence.

“For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering.
Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.”~ Eckhart Tolle.

The only way our Soul can experience what it’s not like to be in a sublime state of Love, Joy and Peace is to create a world where those attributes are diminished, and then by using our mind and body, experience the contrasting opposites of its eternal state of being.

Our Soul wishes to awaken us to the truth that will set us free, and by so doing, enable the appreciation of what is eternal reality, creating a pathway towards its own perfection, which in reality, is our own…

Dan’s Quote: “You learn more from failure than from success.
______________Don’t let failure stop you. It builds character.”


Header: A road train driving through a thunderstorm in The Pilbara, Western Australia.
The Pilbara is a large, dry, thinly populated region in the north of Western Australia.
It is known for its ancient landscapes, the red earth and its vast mineral deposits.

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