The Grand Design


WE TEND TO IDENTIFY OURSELVES as human beings with a physical body and mind that has a name, a separate personality and a use by date that spans from the time we are born until the day our life will end, but in truth, we are Spiritual Energy that is timeless, powerful and forever evolving.

We are Divine Intelligence that is within everything. Of course, the ego exists for the purpose of our physical survival but once we realize that we are the Creator of our world, the ego no longer needs to be dominant, so we can set aside the illusion of “me” and instead become a channel for Spiritual Energy to work though.

Each of us holds the universe within us and we present Spiritual Energy with a unique perspective of itself that only we can offer. As Spirit learns about itself and expands through our senses, thoughts, emotions and actions, it is seeing and experiencing itself as the grand creation of All That Is.

“What would you be, do and create knowing you are the ultimate Creator?
What would you choose for yourself, your family, your community and humanity at large?”

Get it through your head that you are perfect in every way…you are adored and worthy… you are here to experience life and do the best you can from where you are right now. You’re not here to be tested… and punished if you fail… you’re here as the Creator of an ever expanding, awe inspiring Universe.

So next time when you feel insignificant in any way, remember this truth… you are Divine Love, you are the eyes, ears and senses of God, and the universe is incomplete without you. The purpose of your life’s journey isn’t about going anywhere or doing anything, it is solely about you Being You and living it…

Dan’s Quote: “In a world of 7.5 billion people, what would happen if all of us
______________woke up tomorrow and remembered our true essence?


Inspiration for this post came from an article in Wake Up World.
Header picture: Wave Rock. Hyden, Western Australia

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