The Point Of Adversity

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AS AN ARTIST SELECTS WHICH PAINTS  will go onto a blank canvas, prior to birth, our souls choose the tones for a life that will determine our parents, ethnicity, country of birth, etc. Our souls also choose a number of possible paths that we’ll need to follow that will allow us to expand certain aspects of our being.

Likewise, certain missions, or callings are chosen that will give us opportunities to maximize our full potential. For instance, if we need to experience courage, our soul will collaborate with other souls so that circumstances arise at certain times in our lives where we will be required to conjure up courage within us.

Certain types of people are also brought into our life for a reason. For instance, the negative people are usually there to teach us what we don’t want to become, treat us how we don’t want to be treated, and to show us what we don’t deserve. Embrace them, let them teach you… and then let them go.

Having an understanding of all this allows us to see beyond the perceived ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ things that are happening in our life… or in the world for that matter, and we can begin to see and understand their true purpose. Disorder and adversity is necessary to bring order and joy into our lives.

Instead of looking upon life as a grim contest it becomes a sort of fun game where we no longer try to fight each other, but rather we all just play along together, learning about life with all its ups and downs and having the biggest amount of fun along the way.

With insight we’ll realize that all the pain, suffering and evil in the world exists because we need it there in order to recognize and experience the good and loving things in this world.

We elect to forget all this at birth so we may, after maybe many lifetimes, arrive at a point in our lives where we have learned enough to remember who we truly are. At that moment, all fears and obstacles begin fading and with our new awareness, our true path unfolds before us…

Dan’s Quote: “Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.


Inspiration for this post came in part from a video by Alan Watts.
and partly from an article in ‘Wake Up World.
Header: Morning view of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

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