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WHEN THINGS GO WRONG IN OUR LIFE we tend to blame someone else. He/she/they made me angry, unhappy, sad, sick, broke my heart, ruined my day… but in truth no one else is to blame for our woes. They are only players acting out a role in our life story.

We have cast them there as family, friends and foe. How they interact with our life has been arranged by us before we were born into this physical lifetime. All the pain and suffering, all the fear and hate in your life has been placed there by you... No one else!!

Some of us might choose to suffer more than others, depending what it is we need to learn. Some may decide to be born into war zones, or live in poverty, or live a life of pain and illness. Then there are some of us who don’t seem to suffer all that much.

But at the back of our minds we all suffer to some degree. We all fear being hurt, of losing a loved one, our possessions, our financial security, and there’s the ever present fear of our own death. What we must realize is that all our suffering is our own doing, no one else is the cause.

We must stop passing the buck onto others, including  governments, the tax office, the weather etc. Although it’s hard to reconcile the fact, we need the bad as well as the good. We need all that suffering, we need all the fear that’s in our life.

Our suffering is trying to teach us something. Learn the lessons and the suffering stops. It’s up to us! In every moment we have the choice of either being happy and fearless or sad and fearful. Fear is situated at one end of the spectrum, while love sits at the other end.

We must learn to live with love and not fear. We are primarily motivated by those two underlying emotions. These two extremes influence every aspect of our lives. We always have the choice as to where we sit. In your present life story, where do you sit?…

Dan’s Quote: “To get to know who you are, first discover who you are not.
______________You are not your acquired self-description.”


Header: The ski fields at Perisher Valley New South Wales, Australia.

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