Haters And Doubters


THERE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE people who will dislike you and doubt you, some may even hate you. Hate is a strong word, but the human race is filled with people who aren’t afraid to not only feel it, but also openly express it. We only need to watch the nightly news to see examples of that.

So with hate being a seemingly integral part of the human experience, what makes us think we could ever get to a point where we never feel it? Why do we hate being caught out by other people? And why do we conveniently hide those feelings behind a friendly face when this happens?

A simple example of this we can relate to is we’re driving to work, or school, or wherever, and our favourite song comes on the radio. We of course, naturally sing along until we come to a red light, where we not only need to stop the car but we also tend to stop singing as well.

Why? Because chances are we are going to be stopping alongside several other vehicles who will now have a clear view of everything we do in our car. Singing in our car is something that most of us naturally do. So then why do we let others hold us back from doing what we’d otherwise love to do?

Why do we get so self-conscious when confronted by others? We have been wired to be self-conscious from our teenage years. Even if we tried ensuring that we never ‘ruffled any feathers,’ We’d still rub some people the wrong way, no matter what, so why bother trying to please anyone at all?

Because our conscience stops us from becoming one of the open haters of the world. We all have an internal moral compass to guide us through our decision-making, helping us decipher the right from the wrong, the good from the bad, and that part of ourselves should never be neglected or ignored…

Dan’s Quote: “Don’t worry too much if people don’t like you.
_______________Most people struggle to like themselves.”


Inspiration for this post came from an article in Collective Evolution’.
Header: Inquisitive resident of Bay Of Islands Victoria, Australia.

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