Breaking The Habit


WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO to be told that when you are with other people you invariably pretend to be someone else instead of being your normal, natural self. Not only that, when in a crowd, you have become adept at acting out multiple roles, all at the same time.

It helps because it raises your unconscious way of interacting with others up to the conscious level. Even if your mind is telling you that you are being genuine, when you’re with others you will become consciously aware that you are acting out different roles, none of which is who you really are.

You’ll realize that pretending to be nice, caring, loving, compassionate, is very stressful. It’s a difficult job to keep up a false front just to look good in someone else eyes. It’s not to say that you are not a kind and considerate person, but when these niceties are forced, then it’s a sham, and deep inside you know it.

“Your inner self knows exactly how to be real when in the company of others,
so what a great opportunity, all you need to do is take notice!”

You don’t have to ‘do’ anything… in fact you can’t! If you ‘try’ to be yourself, you won’t succeed, it will be just another charade. When you use effort and ‘try’ to act naturally, even though you may think it’s the real you at the time, it will only be another pretense at being someone you’re not.

Being aware of the roles you are playing means you are learning about yourself. Your task is to liberate yourself from the bondage and pretense of the false self. You may continue to act out roles, but with self awareness you’ll catch yourself out every time. Your pretending won’t be unconscious anymore…

Dan’s Quote: “We are so busy wearing masks that we’ve forgotten who we really are.”


Header: ‘Kakadu National Park’ Northern Territory, Australia.

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