Getting In Character


WHAT WE BELIEVE SOMEONE THINKS OF US influences how we will act when in their company. We subtly portray different personalities depending on the people we are with. In each case, we are acting out a role that is different to who we really are.

People’s reactions to us also subtly changes the world around us. It’s warped by our interactions with them. You can prove this by the fact that when people are nice to you, friendly, loving, happy with your company, the world you see seems a bright and wonderful place to be.

But when people are mean to you, hurt you, criticize or chastise you, your world suddenly changes to one that’s dark and gloomy. The world isn’t different. You are! Why do we let others shape the world we see?

Why must we act like chameleons, constantly changing our character depending on what company we keep? This is all unconscious of course. When we’re alone, we take off all the false masks we wear in public and become our private self, a self we probably wouldn’t dare show to anyone else.

“What people think of you is not important. What you think of yourself means everything.

You have the right to be who you are, regardless of what other people think. You are worthy enough to have been entrusted with a physical body and a fertile, inquisitive mind. The truth is, if you weren’t worthy, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

You came here for a reason… to further the evolution of the Universe and mankind and you are the only one who can fulfil the role you were specifically sent here for. You are perfect for the job ahead of you.

Your very existence implies a trust that, through fair means or foul, you will succeed in accomplishing what your soul has sent you here to do. God speed, there is no doubt you will do your part… you just need to learn how…

Dan’s Quote: “You are a child of the Universe sent here on a mission sanctified 
______________by the very Universe of which you are an integral part.”

Header picture: Wave Rock. Hyden, Western Australia
Note: This is an edited version of a previous post, ‘Your Inalienable Right’ that ties in with last weeks post, Just Be Yourself.

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