Just Be Yourself

15 The Royal Exhibition Building in autumn, Melbourne Victoria.

WE ALL WEAR MASKS WHEN OUT IN PUBLIC, but underneath this false persona we cannot be other than who we truly are. The reason is that there is no alternative. How can we be anything but who we are? Yet, we continue to pretend to be a faux-mix of different personalities, depending on who we are with.

We do change over time but at any given moment, we are still who we truly are. These moments may differ, for example, one moment we may be happy or sad, elated or deflated etc, but because we have this innate capacity for self-delusion, we are always pretending to be different to the way we feel inside.

We do this especially when we are in the company of others because we believe there is some benefit in us acting out a role, but the opposite is true. Our stage performance splits us in two, causing us unnecessary pain and self-contradiction.

“Being true to yourself is better than being a liar just to impress everyone.”

Question: What is the matter with being true to yourself? Some may answer, “But my badness, my self-dislike, my feelings of being inferior and inadequate must be hidden from others. I must put on a good public appearance to hide what I feel are my self-deficiencies.”

What a load of codswallop, we are not bad as we believe, to say nothing of being good. We are neither, for in truth our essence is the true and ultimate Good, which is above the human opposites of good and bad. Our self-centred labelling of ourselves as either good or bad must go for our own sake.

To make all this practical, we must watch the thoughts and feelings which parade through our minds, but not say “I” to them. We must not identify ourselves as being good, bad, right, wrong or anything else. This impersonal watchfulness breaks the destructive habit of false labelling.

 So right now try being exactly who you are and see what happens. You’ll feel an enormous sense of relief to finally let go and just be yourself, in all the wonderful moments of your life…

Dan’s Quote: “I am being just who I am right here, right now.
_____________I am not obliged to be anything more than that.”


Inspiration for this post came from A New Life Foundation.’
Header: Autumn in Melbourne Capital city of Victoria, Australia.

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