The Negativity Within


TERRORISM HAS ONCE AGAIN SHOWN ITS UGLY FACE, this time targeting the citizens of London and Manchester. The amount of violence in our world today is out of control. So, the question must be, what can we do to stop it?

We’ve introduced stronger counter terrorism measures, more police, more surveillance, more laws, more restrictions, more penalties, yet world violence continues to escalate. Year after year we helplessly ask the same question: ‘How can us ordinary people stop this insanity?

Resentment, contempt, religious prejudice, hatred, sarcasm, jealousy. All those negative thoughts, beliefs and ideologies drag us down. Perhaps you haven’t quite reached the depths of these black emotions, but what about complaining, blaming, grouchiness? Not many of us can say we don’t go there on occasion.

Violence is inherent in us all, but thankfully most of us restrict it to outbursts of irritation, impatience, intolerance etc. But there are some who cannot contain it. Their inner violence erupts within them like a contagious disease, spreading their sick venom onto others in a vain attempt to relieve their inner torment and self hatred.

Every thought of anger is destructive. Even it’s milder cousins, annoyance and dislike destroy. First, they attack our own peace of mind and then they add to humanity’s collective state of unrest. Each drop of negativity adds to the ocean of fear… and fear breeds attack

 “Those who do not fear do not attack or hurt others.
So to stop the violence in the world we must stop the fear in ourselves.”

Fear is an energy that when released into the world attracts and bonds with other negative energies. And when the collective level of disturbance is powerful enough, it manifests in an outbreak of violence.

You can help stop the violence by refusing to let thoughts of harm enter the world through your mind. Easier said than done… yes but how difficult is it to continually feel the churn of anger in your gut? How would it be to feel love, compassion and understanding instead?…

Dan’s Quote: “Each thought you have is your contribution to the world’s condition.
_________________You can end violence by stopping it in yourself first.”


Note: This post in no way condones the actions of these criminal terrorists. What this post is trying to make evident is that we are all complicit in this war. We have the ability and responsibility to reduce the violence by refusing to allow negative thoughts to rule our lives.

This is an edited version of an earlier post called, ‘No Fear, No Worries’. Inspiration came from: Ending The Violence~ by Karen Wright. I thought it was appropriate considering the recent attacks.

Header: The Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.


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