Sharing The Blame


THE CONCEPT OF CIVILIZATION includes being ‘civil’ to each other. To show compassion and understanding for our fellow man. But are we really? No! We humans are more like angry children running around the playground, fighting and arguing amongst ourselves, and worse still, killing each other.

In our ignorance and arrogance we think we are the intelligent ones, while passing the buck for man’s failings onto some undefinable others. But no single person, or group of people is the cause of our misbegotten ways, it’s all of us collectively who are to blame for mankind’s juvenile mentality.

The immaturity of the average adult is unbelievable and when man’s delusional madness breaks out it leads to monstrous deeds like murder, rape, torture, war and terrorism against our own kind that has been a part of our existence since mankind first set foot on Earth.

We can hold protest marches all we like, or we can pray to God that this insanity will stop, but we will always be bound by the egocentric laws of our physical bodies… and until we fully understand that fact, and accept that we all are part of the problem, man’s self defeating mayhem will continue.

Negativity is contagious. Like a spreading plague, anxiety breeds anxiety. Someone gets nervous and everyone else starts to get tetchy. Someone makes a sad remark and we all become glum, and when a radical spouts his venomous ideology, it spreads to the weak minded like wild fire.

When we resolve to ‘not lose our temper tomorrow’ what do we do? We lose our temper tomorrow. A mere resolution is on the level of thought, and a thought comes from our ego self. Our thinking mind cannot resolve the problems of egoic humanity. One wheel of a car cannot repair another wheel.

We are all egocentric and ego implies unawareness. We must wake up and realize that awareness and ego cannot co-exist. A new way of solving mankind’s madness is needed… and that new way depends on you personally. The first step is to change yourself for the better, by truly seeing yourself as you are now…

Dan’s Quote: “The person that angers you, is only you in another guise.”


Header: The Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

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