Testing Times

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LIFE UNDOUBTEDLY HAS IT’S FAIR SHARE OF CHALLENGES and the more sensational and/or repugnant these challenges are to our sense of decency and rightness, the more likely we, (including the mass media) will we be to put greater focus on those negative aspects of life rather than on the positive.

Abominations such as the recent gassing of innocent people in Syria is abhorrent to say the least, but as President Assad and his murderous mob mindlessly carried out this despicable act, we on our side of the fence, via President Trump, senselessly retaliated, which resulted in the unnecessary deaths of even more innocent people.

These violent acts may shock us, but if we stopped for just a moment and honestly took a look at ourselves, we would realize that these calamities are compounded by our own ignorance. It is mankind collectively that causes us humans to tend towards being irrational, erratic and nonsensical.

If your religion requires you to hate another person because their beliefs
are different from yours… then you need a new religion!

All the wars, terrorism and cruelty are trying to prove to us that the outside world is a violent one. All the murders, rapes, and paedophilia is trying to show us that the world we live in is a nasty and dangerous place to be…. It isn’t! Our world is in truth, benign.

But because we believe it is violent and dangerous, our world dutifully reflects that. We just love to blame someone or something else for the wrongs of the world rather than come to terms with the startling realization that it is we who are the problem.

President Assad and his ilk are not tyrants, the only tyrant is the ego and we are all egocentric. Of course we will indignantly reject any claim that we are in any way to blame for the atrocities in the world, but the truth is, the likes of Assad and all the other despots in history are only us in a different guise…

Dan’s Quote: “If you feel you don’t fit in, in this world,
_____________it’s because you are here to create a new one”


Header: Kangaroo gathering at Margaret River West Australia.

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