Finding Freedom

WE PLACE A LOT OF CONDITIONS ON OUR FREEDOM. We believe that ‘when’ we start earning enough money, or ‘when’ we’ve acquired enough things, or ‘when’ something happens that we want to happen, then and only then will we be free. But as we all know from experience, we never quite get there.

All our failed attempts to free ourselves from life’s constraints is occurring to try and make us realize that we can’t rely on outer conditions to bring inner peace. It’s happening so that we will turn within ourselves, for there is already a part of every one of us that is absolute peace, love, strength… and freedom.

We are all dissatisfied to some extent with our lives and the dissatisfaction for most of us is like a dull ache. One kind of lingering discontent, shared by millions of us is the notion that others are happier than we are, but the truth is, underneath their smiling faces, they are not.

If we could only see the secret sorrows of those whose smiles and activities seem to indicate happiness. If we could only see that they are no different from us, fervently wishing to have more, be more, be somewhere else, doing something different, be someone other than who they are.

“The biggest smiles hide the deepest secrets, the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears,
and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.”

Everyone is looking for different ways to be free. There are people waging war on the battlefield who are more alive than they’ve ever been before. Don’t try to protect those people from finding their own path to freedom, or from life itself… just let them have their own experience while you focus upon your own.

We actually have a choice to be free Right Now. There’s an inner voice that is trying to connect us with the truth of who we are. True peace, happiness, and freedom doesn’t appear as a result of outer conditions. They cannot be found in any other moment than Right Now. This moment is all we truly ever have…

Dan’s Quote: “Be thankful for wrong relationships.
_____________They teach you, change you, and strengthen you.”

Inspiration for this post came from Abraham-Hicks and  Collective Evolution .

Header Picture: ‘Kakadu National Park’ Northern Territory, Australia.

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