Believe In Yourself

Cradle Mountain

WE HAVE NO NEED TO BE ANYBODY other than ourselves! There’s no obligation for us to impress or please anyone. So why do we constantly worry about how we look, what we say, how we act when in the company of other people?

We hide behind a false persona in deference to what we think other people expect of us. What the hell for? Who cares? We are obsessed with trying to fulfill other people’s expectations of us. That doesn’t really make any sense. It just drives us to distraction, always trying to prove ourselves to others.

Even when we succeed at creating the right look, social status, image, mannerisms, or whatever it is we are trying to achieve, most people don’t take the slightest bit of notice. They are so preoccupied with their own self image they don’t give a damn about us! So why do we bother?

“The whispers of my spirit are my pastor, priest, and cleric,
and my saviour is in the mirror looking back at me.”~
Cristen Rodgers

Spiritual teacher and philosopher **Vernon Howard once said, “Man has a false sense of identity. He thinks he is his false self, which he is not. He is his True Self, but doesn’t know it.” All our efforts to impress others can be traced back to our utterly vain attempt to prove that we are this false sense of identity.

Our false self craves and demands attention and applause, it gives us a false sense of self worth. Our preoccupation with our exterior persona has diverted us from realizing who we truly are. We need to let go of our self belittling insecurities and replace it with self love and self approval.

Once you let go of your false sense of identity you’ll discover that you are finally free of trying to be someone you’re not, a freedom that will allow you to experience life to its fullest without the weight of expectations holding you back.

Life is indeed a wondrous miracle… And so are you! You just need to become aware of it…

Dan’s Quote: “Care less about what other people think of you
_______________and more about what you think of yourself.”


*Quote taken from Journeys in Spirit by Cristen Rodgers.
**Vernon Howard is the founder of New Life Foundation.
Header picture:Cradle MountainTasmania, Australia.


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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  1. Right On! It took me so many years before I stopped seeking the approval of others all the time.

    • Me too Barryh. Me too!

    • Just an afterthought Barryh,
      After replying to your comment, I realized that no matter that I wrote this post, I still feel self-conscious in front of other people. I feel the overwhelming need to change the face that I show to the world, a face that is constantly in flux, depending on whether I’m associating with loved ones, neighbours, business associates, or with people in the crowd who would rank the lowest in my obligatory scale of self conformity. Silly isn’t. I guess it’s just what’s called, “Being Human”. Cheers Dan

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