Our Busy Body Mind


WE ARE ALL SO FULL OF IT. Our mind is overwhelmed with thoughts. So much so that most of our day is taken up with thinking about things that have happened in the past and thinking about the hoped for future.

We think it’s our responsibility to change our life, to make it better, to eliminate all the bad stuff, the pain, the suffering, the loss, the heartache. To provide a life of ease with plenty of money and good health, but as we all know, it rarely works that way.

What if you were told that, “Everything is perfect just the way it is in every moment” Well, in your present frame of mind you’d probably say, ‘I’ve heard that bullsh*t before and it makes little difference to my life’.

You could argue: How am I supposed to see the perfection of living in pain, or having a disability, or having no money, or if my life is falling apart? If my health’s going downhill as well what could possibly be perfect about any of that?

You need to stop thinking for a moment and see that all the current circumstances of your life, no matter what they are, are perfect for your particular life experience. There are no mistakes, nothing’s wrong, in fact, you need to celebrate all you are learning and experiencing.

“You are learning to meet every life challenge as if it has no power
to cause you anger or distress, for it is in fact powerless.”

We’re doing exactly what we came here to do, live a life of diversity with all its positive and negative contrasts in a time based physical environment. Also, by reducing our mindless, mind chatter, we’re learning how to live in the present moment.

Life is happening to us right now, the rest is just memories and expectations. Our life is a temporary, learning experience, so make it easy on yourself, be happy no matter what your life circumstances are…

Dan’s Quote: “Each time you feel overwhelmed by life
_____________you should remind yourself that the feeling is unnecessary.”  


Header: Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia.

About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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