Lost In Anger

WE ALL DO IT!.. GET ANGRY THAT IS. It can vary in intensity from mild irritation to impatience to intolerance to indignation and finally we can erupt into a full blown temper tirade. Any situation that irks us, challenges our touchy self image or doesn’t go the way we like is an excuse to fly off the handle.

It can be triggered by an individual accusing another, whether it’s warranted or not. Then there’s the temptation to verbally mock, humiliate or possibly even physically abuse the person who has dared to offend us… domestic violence and road rage are common forms of this type of uncontrolled anger.

To become lost in anger, is to identify with it as being part of who we are. At the time we believe it’s a legitimate, excusable reaction to a particular life challenge. But our anger is secondary to the fact that when we are angry, we become unconscious, and we are unaware of the damage we are doing to our own wellbeing.

 “When anger rises within you, think of the consequences.
Being angry is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

The solution is to become aware of yourself when you are angry. Anger cannot reside in a conscious mind. Stand aside and watch yourself when you feel angry. Don’t try to stop it, for to do that is to identify with it, just consciously observe the self destructive, human self as it erupts into anger.

With self awareness we are placed in the perfect position of being able to watch ourselves from a different perspective. To see ourselves as someone else might see us. This can become an embarrassment for us rather than the anger continuing.

It’s impossible for us to be angry ‘now’… anger needs time, the past and future in which to brew and percolate our irritation, resentment, hate or loathing. In the present moment there is simply nothing to be angry about. It’s quite okay whatever happens…

Dan’s Quote: “You will not be punished FOR your anger,
______________you will be punished BY your anger.”


Header: ‘Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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