The Time Of Our Lives

a perfect winters day in Marlo

EVERY DAY WE ARE GIVEN A CHOICE. We can either live our day with our eye on the clock, hoping, planning, thinking about our day ahead, while at the same time worrying, regretting, reminiscing about times past… or we can live our day as it’s occurring right now, entirely in the present moment.

In reality time is a human construct, a mental clock that helps us sort, separate and compartmentalize our daily life. One of the reasons we can’t rid ourselves of living in time and instead live in the present moment is because the present moment doesn’t rely on the tick-tock of a clock.

Clocks measure intervals of time, while the present moment has no interval. It’s not a clock phenomenon, it can only be defined as either instantaneous or eternal. Both are valid descriptions, but a description of time doesn’t apply to the timeless.

The present moment is always here, endlessly renewing itself, unmeasurable, and fleeting. The instant we try to capture it, it’s gone. Because we live in a time based reality, the thought of letting go of time and living in the timeless ‘now’ causes panic, for we are scared that without time, we wouldn’t exist.

 “The present moment is all there is, the rest is just memories and expectations.”

When we die, we believe we will go to Heaven for eternity. The typical definition of eternity is ‘a long, long time’. But that’s not true, because whatever is eternal can’t have anything to do with time. Ultimately then, time has no reality… it’s only a fabrication of our mind.

Time depends on having a human nervous system. It has no meaning outside of our thought and belief process. There is no ‘real’ time, only ideas of time. Once we realize this simple fact, the capacity to move beyond living in time becomes possible.

When we understand that time is nothing more than an illusory concept created in our mind, we will truly lose our fear of death, for both birth and death rely on time. The spiritual concept that we were never born and will never die then becomes viable too…

Dan’s Quote: “There’s no past to be ashamed of, no future to go to,
______________there is nothing at all but the present moment.”


The idea for this post came from reading: What came before the Big Bang by Deepek Chopra.
Header: A perfect winters day in Marlo, a small village in Gippsland Victoria, Australia.

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  1. Carpe diem, right? Seize the day.

    We often overlook what we have. This moment. We often think about what lies ahead, or think about the past, or daydream.

    But there’s no escaping this law: the present is all we have. All we are certain of. And what we do with it is what shapes our future.

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