The Challenges We Face


JUST WHAT DO WE HOPE TO ACHIEVE? Peace on Earth and good will to all men? Or are we going to carry on as usual with our senseless prejudices, racial discrimination and religious sectarianism?  Or do you think it’s high time we grew up?

We human beings are on the brink of a major evolutionary leap which for us could be ‘Do or Die’. To fail risks our eventual extinction… but if we are willing to take that leap of faith we’ll have a chance of continuing. We must wake up to ourselves, not wander around with our mind in neutral as we are presently doing.

We have a crucial role to play in the ongoing evolution of the universe, if we carry on the way we’re going, then it’s back to square one and we start all over again from scratch (as mankind has probably done many times before) and then see if next time, we can make a better go of it.

Cosmically speaking, it matters not how long it takes or if mankind succeeds or fails. After all, we (as souls) are not in a rush, we have all of eternity to experience and learn. But to us as human beings, it does matter. There’s something within us that wants us to succeed.

Each and every one of use has to decide whether we,
as a collective species survives and prospers or goes the way of the dinosaurs.

You may not understand the importance of that statement, but your personal commitment in helping mankind is vital. We need to grow up and learn what we need to know to take that evolutionary leap and traverse the chasm of ignorance that has so far dogged our species.

NOW is the time, (for better or worse). So let us make a concerted effort to save our species, and let us ensure that our little blue planet continues to be a safe haven for all life…

Dan’s Quote: “You are not separate from what’s happening in the world,
______________you’re involved in it all. Now it’s up to you to help fix it.


Header: ‘Kakadu National Park’ Northern Territory, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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